The central aim of the company's investor relations policy is to provide investors with equal access to timely and accurate information about Marels operations and business environment.

Marel believes that timely distribution of honest, consistent, and transparent information, within the bounds of commercial sensitivity, is key to building trust with current shareholders and potential investors.


Marel publishes financial information in English and Icelandic. All price-sensitive information, regulatory announcements about Marel, and announcements regarding performance and future prospects are published in a timely manner, initially on the website of Nasdaq Iceland, and subsequently on Marels official website.

Financial results are issued quarterly in accordance with the requirements of Nasdaq Iceland.

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Since its launch in 2006, the success of the Marel SensorX bone detection system has been remarkable. Ten years later over 500 SensorX solutions have been sold around the world, helping food producers guarantee bone free products for Marel's customers. The success of the Sensor X is built on Innovation, Unity and Excellence.

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Marel aims to be visible and accessible to existing and potential shareholders and other stakeholders. In addition to stock exchange and company announcements, the main channels of communication with investors and analysts are the regular investor meetings that follow the publication of the company’s quarterly results and annual general meetings. Quarterly investor meetings are webcast and presentations from the meetings are published via the Nasdaq Iceland news system.

Additionally, several other meetings for investors and analysts are held on an ad-hoc basis. In April 2015, Marel participated in a Capital Markets Day event organized by Arion Bank in Iceland, where the company was presented to investors and analysts.

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Marel’s website contains detailed information about the company, its history, operations, and activities. Current and past press releases, presentations, and annual reports are archived in the Investor Relations section of the website and available for download. The company’s current and historic share prices are available for review against key indices.

Since 2014, the Annual Report has been only available online. Marel’s Annual Reports can be accessed on desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone through

Financial Calendar for 2016
Annual General Meeting 2 March 2016
1st quarter 2016 25 April 2016
2nd quarter 2016 27 July 2016
3rd quarter 2016 26 October 2016
4th quarter 2016 1 February 2017