Marel Meat

Marel Meat saw a significant improvement in 2015.

Marel Meat generated €115 million in revenue and adjusted EBIT of €8.5 million (7.5% of revenue) in 2015. Marel Meat accounted for 14% of Marel’s revenue in 2015.

Remko Rosman, Managing director (EVP) of Meat, and David Wilson, Managing director (EVP) of Further Processing

"This was the best year ever for Marel Meat. We exceeded our targets for both revenues and EBIT.  We are also happy with the good progress we achieved with the products that we brought to market during the year. We had some changes during the year including the relocation of meat activities from Oss to Boxmeer in the Netherlands and it is good to see that our people are happy at the new location.”

David Wilson

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Excellent year for Marel

2015 was an excellent year for Marel Meat with good volume, order intake and improved profitability. Streamlining continued during the year following the relocation of activities from Oss to Boxmeer in the Netherlands and with the divestment of high speed slicing activities in the U.K. The strategy of establishing reference plants around the globe continued during the year with a number of successful installations, including DeboFlex in Brazil and beef deboning lines in Mexico and Nicaragua.

The improvement from previous years is due to good market conditions and streamlined operations. The mix between product groups and geographies was good throughout the majority of the year and some landmark orders were secured during the year.

Marel Meat participated in many international exhibitions during the year, including the IPPE Show in Atlanta, Anuga in Germany and the CFIA exhibition in France. Also during the year the 4th Meat ShowHow was held in Progress Point, Denmark. The event drew in 200 customers representing 140 companies based in over 70 countries.


Sustainability, safety and importance of traceability

Innovation highlights were closely connected to the continuous work with current solutions in deboning, trim handling and case-ready solutions. Marel Meat took significant steps in the development of the DeboFlex pork deboning system. The DeboFlex system is a semi-automatic deboning solution that is being automated incrementally, resulting in improved yields and efficiency. Deboning and trimming of higher-valued primals creates the opportunity for Marel’s unique StreamLine solutions, which offer not only product traceability, but also yield monitoring and throughput improvements. Yield, traceability and efficiency can now be enhanced even further with the new Innova OEE module, which helps calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and provides detailed information about process performance for its users.

Marel Meat customers are facing many challenges. The last few years have been tough and margins continue to be challenged. This means that customers are looking for solutions that improve their margins. Marel can help with this by providing its customers with solutions that increase productivity and yield. Food safety is also becoming an increasingly important aspect of the meat processing industry. By combining Marel’s current solutions with innovations, Marel Meat will be able to provide good traceability and help clients with compliance, as well as staying ahead of minimum requirements for food safety for many years to come.