Marel Poultry

Marel Poultry had an excellent year, with strong operational profit margins and volumes.

Marel Poultry generated €451 million in revenue and an adjusted EBIT of €84.9 million (18.8% of revenue) in 2015. The poultry segment accounted for 55% of Marel’s revenue in 2015. Market conditions in poultry remained favorable throughout the year. Projects were well distributed geographically and between different product groups and sizes of orders, including some large projects in Germany, Italy, Poland, U.K. and Malaysia.

“In 2015 we managed to increase our market coverage and we are now well represented in all parts of the world. Our projects and orders during the year are well balanced both in size and geographically. In addition to projects in traditional markets we were active in Africa and Asia resulting in better coverage in these important emerging markets. Overall, we managed to strengthen and deepen our relationship with our customers and provided them with our innovative solutions.”

Anton de Weerd, Managing Director (EVP) of Poultry

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Excellent year for Marel Poultry

Marel Poultry continued to increase its strong worldwide presence in 2015. Market conditions remained favorable throughout the year resulting in good projects around the globe.  Large orders came from Poland, Russia, U.K., Italy, Malaysia and Germany, along with large market share gains in Africa and Asia. In 2015 Marel Poultry participated in many exhibitions around the world showcasing Marel Poultry’s newest developments and strengthening relationships with customers. At the VIV exhibitions in both Asia and Russia Marel Poultry received prestigious awards. Marel received an award for its innovative SmartWeigher grading solution at VIV Asia and at VIV Russia Marel Poultry was honored for 50 years of doing business in the Russian market.  

The Poultry ShowHow in Progress Point, Denmark was held for the first time in 2015. The show was very well attended, and customers left inspired by the many ways in which Marel can help them improve their efficiency and product quality.

Steady stream of innovative solutions

Many innovations were introduced to the market in 2015. The LegPositioner enables Marel’s customers to create much better added value for legs than was previously possible. The in-line LegPositioner automatically unloads selected leg products from the ACM-NT cut-up shackle and positions them perfectly on a belt conveyor, always in the same orientation and pitch. 

A number of overarching solutions were also brought into the market that can help Marel’s customers to gain better overall control over the secondary processing, creating better value, insight into yields, and increased food safety.

Sustainable solutions for the future

Marel has always focused on optimizing energy and water consumption in its solutions. A good example is the AeroScalder, which uses up to 75% less water and 50% less energy than competing solutions in the market.

A new Innova solution called Overall Equipment Efficiency will also provide users with much better control over their production process, resulting in less waste, better yield and improved quality in production.